3-6 weeks, depending on conditions and cultivar.
Transplants arrive hardened at 5-7” tall
Shipping is determined by how many starts you order and where your farm is located. For large acreage positions and long distance, you can estimate shipping at approximately an additional $0.01/plant.
Yes. We offer financing through our privately held investment group. To learn more and apply, contact us.
We are not breeders but do help you select genetics, if you’d like, from selected breeders.
No, we only help procure seeds for our germination customers.
Our transplants don’t come with a COA, but we highly recommend you only select genetics that come with a full COA. 
Each of the fem/germ rates varies by the genetics you select for us to germinate. 
Each of the fem/germ rates varies by varietal. To learn more about our varietals and see the COA of each one, click here.

We package our transplants specifically to be shipped over large distances. We ship all transplants the quickest and most efficient way, in packaging designed to deliver them fresh from the nursery to your farm. Prior to shipping, we inhibit the plant’s ability to trigger into flower through any elongated period of darkness over a two day time frame by managing any ethylene release.